Top 5 winter activities for the whole family in La Norma

Are you spending your winter vacations at La Norma and looking for a wide range of activities to keep the little ones and teenagers happy? Here's our Top 5 winter activities for the whole family.

Night sledging with headlamps

Looking for maximum thrills? Try the new après-ski activity with your family at La Norma !

After taking the last gondola, wait for the slopes to close with a complimentary drink, grab a headlamp and take to the slopes on a flying sled accompanied by an instructor. Over 6.5 km, you'll find yourself in small, privileged groups, on the secure domain, for a descent that promises fun, gliding and speed. The perfect family challenge. In December and January, when the days are still short, the descent can even be made by headlamp, in a true northern atmosphere.
Ages 8 and up!

It's time for the sled run!

Top 5 family winter activities at La Norma, Night sledging with headlamps
Husky sled dogs at La Norma, in Haute Maurienne Vanoise

Dog sledding

Are your kids dog lovers? AT La Norma, every Monday evening during the school vacations, they'll be able to cuddle up with huskies, those cuddly sled dogs with their long, winter-adapted hair and big blue, brown or sometimes even minnow eyes.

But for a taste of adventure in the far north, you can also try out the sled dog activity at La Norma ! After a privileged moment with the dogs, you'll embark on a 20-minute sleigh ride through the white-covered forest. Whether you're looking for a thrill or a simple ride, you'll be comfortably seated in the sled for an emotionally-charged moment on the Chemin du Petit Bonheur or the Plateau de la Repose*. The musher guides you, the dogs enjoy a ride in their favorite environment, and all you have to do is enjoy! A nature activity to share with the whole family (2 people/sled).
For ages 4 and up!

* Depending on snow conditions

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Skiing, of course!

La Normawith its 100% pedestrian-friendly resort and vast snow front, is an ideal cocoon for families. It's also the perfect playground for fans of skiing and gliding! With its 1,400m vertical drop, seasoned skiers will be able to treat themselves to one hell of a run down the whole resort in one go, with the Norma 1-Norma 2-Carrelet-Forêt runs! Between kids, teens and parents, who will be the first to stop and catch their breath?

While La Norma offers steep slopes at the top of the resort, it is also suitable for all levels, with Les Piniers, La Repose and Saint Anne, for example, offering long blue and green runs all the way to the resort. So the whole family can enjoy their skiing vacation!
With its 27 slopes, La Norma already offers a great skiing area. But to make the most of it, your ski pass also gives you access to the neighboring resort, doubling your skiing space! In fact, the shared ski pass with the Valfréjus ski area gives you access to over 135km of pistes (access to Valfréjus by bus, also included with your ski pass).
From age 3(Piou-Piou Club at ESF La Norma)

Go for it!

Top 5 winter activities for the whole family at La Norma, skiing, of course!
Top 5 family winter activities at La Norma, tobogganing on rails: Normaloops

Rail sledging: Normaloops

New season, new decor...
If you were familiar with it in summer, you'll find it in a completely different setting! The Norma Loops toboggan track, at the foot of the resort, is still there for maximum thrills!

Glide and twist your way down 900m at up to 40 km/h through snow-covered roads and fir trees. Thrills guaranteed! The gentle ascent allows you to recover from your emotions and enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of the snow-covered forest from the comfort of your sled. Once you've reached the top? All you have to do is do it again! A 100% family activity: with its two seats, the sled is ideal for a parent-child activity. And when the kids are old enough, they can enjoy it on their own.
From age 3 and 8 unaccompanied.

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Ski touring and splitboarding

For safe skiing, La Norma offers the Écureuil, a signposted ski touring trail starting from the resort. Winding through the forest, you'll reach the heart of the resort, on the Route de la Repose, where you can ski back down to the slopes!

Ski touring (ascent with "sealskins" under the skis and the heel detached, as in cross-country skiing. Descending with "classic" skis) is one of the fastest-growing activities in ski resorts. With its long-established ski trail, La Norma didn't wait for "ski touring" to become fashionable before offering this activity. It's a sport that can also be enjoyed by the whole family, sharing the pleasure of discovering nature on the way up (and the satisfaction of having succeeded in climbing!) and the pleasure of gliding down.

Introduction to ski touring for snowboarders

And because the sport never stops reinventing itself, come and try splitboarding during your family holiday at La Norma! Originating in North America, splitboarding has been perfected in recent years, and even more so at La Norma , where snowboarding and ski touring enthusiasts have been coming together for years. Available for hire from the resort's shopkeepers since 2016, splitboarding has become a must at La Norma , which offers introductory lessons and outings with guides or the ski school. It's a great way to get the whole family involved in this new discipline!

I'm putting on the skins!

Top 5 family winter activities at La Norma, ski touring and splitboarding