Adventure Game La Norma

Did you know that La Norma was home to a community of Guardians charged with protecting the resort and its diversity? Every summer and winter, you'll find "Adventure Game: La Norma", a life-size adventure that continues through the seasons in the form of a puzzle game. Take 2 or 3 friends with you and discover the mountain and forest in summer, and the ski slopes and village in winter. Decipher the mountain's riddles, challenge the resort's slopes and meet the challenges set by the Guardians! Calling all treasure hunters and adventurers!

A new experience in the heart of your resort to discover the mountains in a different way!


Adventure Game - Edition 2: Le Mystère du Grimoire, a new way to challenge yourself on the slopes
Edition 2: February 21, 2024

Adventure game

"The Mystery of the Grimoire

For the first time in winter, the Adventure Game promises competition and a race against the clock! Maybe that's because you'll have to ski down the slopes of La Norma , or maybe you'll have to use your brain to piece together the precious grimoire! In teams, take your logbook and travel down the ski slopes and through the snowy village to pass all the tests imposed by the Guardians. They need you again this season! Use your agility, logic and sense of direction as you wind your way around the idyllic north face, but don't be fooled, because time is running out to be one of the 5 winning teams in Adventure Game 2!

The whole resort is counting on you!


Adventure Game poster: The guardians of La Norma
Edition 1: August 23, 2023

Adventure game

"Les Gardiens de La Norma"

During a station-wide treasure hunt, you came to the aid of a community of Guardians based at La Norma. These protectors of nature and mankind were waiting for you on August 23, 2023 to take on a series of logical and sporting challenges that helped preserve the equilibrium of La Norma. On the menu were sporting events requiring skill and solidity on winding paths, a brainstorm for all ages and an orienteering race through the forest and the village!

Remember, time was of the essence, and you only had half a day to be the best!