Scientific and technical heritage at La Norma

At the foot of the La Norma ski resort, in the communes of Avrieux and Villarodin-Bourget, scientific and technical infrastructures that harness the power of water were established in the last century.

Wind tunnel at ONERA, a scientific and technical heritage to be preserved La Norma © O.N.E.R.A


So-called "white coal" comes down from the glaciers and is used to power hydroelectric plants and generate energy from torrents. Water also powers the turbines at ONERA (Office National d'Etudes et de Recherche Aérospatiale), the giant wind tunnels where model airplanes and rockets are tested.
Discover how hydroelectricity works "from torrent to current" with guided tours of the Avrieux EDF power station.


Chappe telegraph

Another scientific curiosity and technical feat is the Chappe telegraph, the forerunner of telecommunications. After a short hike through the mountain pastures, the Chappe telegraph at Courberon offers an exceptional panoramic view of the valley, and it's easy to understand why this part of the optical communication line linking Paris to Venice was installed here.

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